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Shop now at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies for your hair removal needs. We have a variety of products, including different waxes, accessories, and Wax care treatments. Everything you need for a smooth waxing session for your clients is here. Shop now and check out our Beauty Offers

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Professional Waxing and Hair Removal

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal method. The technique removes hair from the root, and it takes 3 to 8 weeks for the new hair to grow. Unlike other hair removal techniques such as threading; waxing can be done on almost any part of the body including arms, legs, back, eyebrows, abdomen, face, bikini area and feet.

The benefits of waxing are you will have less regrowth in between appointments, Your skin will get a gentle exfoliation, your skin will be less prone to inflammation, Avoid the risk of cuts, Smooth and even skin, Stubble free skin, Slow hair regrowth and more. Waxing is a great way to build a loyal clientele as there is a need to return every 4-6 weeks due to the hair growth cycle.

It is important to offer your clients superior service each time to ensure they leave feeling completely satisfied. There are different kinds of wax that are available such as soft wax, Hard wax, Fruit wax, Stripless wax, Roller wax and more.

Here at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies, we stock all kinds of different wax for all hair types and for different areas of waxing. With a selection of aromas, extracts, colours and formulas; there’s a perfectly matched wax for every client and every waxing therapist. All of our waxes are on a 5 for 4 offer so you can stock up for all your waxing needs. We stock brands such as Salon System, Hive, Oritree, Strictly Professional and more.

Salon Systems range Just Wax are super-fast hot waxes and premium grade strip waxes are perfect for all hair types and all areas of waxing. Just Wax is the brand of choice for the salon professional, developed using the very latest technology and offers salons a complete, innovative and award-winning menu of premium grade depilatory waxes, lotions and waxing accessories. Professional ‘honey’ smooth soft strip waxes, deliciously scented gel waxes, luxurious creme waxes and the latest Multiflex hot waxes deliver outstanding results every time.

Hive of Beauty is a leading provider of professional beauty products to therapists, salons, spas, colleges and distributors worldwide. With over 20 years experience of serving in the beauty industry, the Hive logo has become a symbol of confidence and quality for beauty professionals. Hive has specially formulated its honey waxes and the development of a full range of depilatory products.