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Professional Gel and Nail Polish

Discover a variety of professional polishes, nail care, and removers at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies. Perfect for both mobile and salon-based nail technicians, our extensive collection includes Gel Polishes, Nail Polishes, Base and Topcoats, as well as Nailcare and removal solutions from top brands like Cuccio, Gellux, 2AM London, Orly, and more. Get all your nail essentials today!

Gel & Nail Polish
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Professional Gel and Nail Polish

A gel polish manicure is a treatment offered by nail technicians. Nail technicians will use a gel based-polish instead of normal regular nail polish as gel polish is a lot more durable and won't chip for a few weeks. Once the gel polish has been painted on the nails it will need to be placed under a UV or an LED lamp to cure the polish and this will set the polish into place. An LED lamp can cure the polish within 30-60 seconds and the UV within 2-3 minutes. 

Here at CM Hair and beauty supplies, we stock both UV and LED lamps. We stock mini lamps on the go which is also the more affordable option for students and we also stock bigger-sized lamps all ranging at different prices to suit everybody's budget. With brands like Gellux, The Edge, Izabelle Hammon, and Cuccio you will surely find the right lamp for you. 

Gel polish is a better option as unlike regular polish, which can chip after two to three days, they're borderline indestructible, which makes them ideal for weddings, special occasions, and holidays. Gel polish is ideal also if you are trying to grow out your natural nails as the gel polish also adds a layer of protection that helps keep your nails from breaking. 

The brands of gel polish we stock are Gellux which is our most expensive polish retailing at £11.95 +VAT. Gellux Gel Polishes have the answer to 15 days of no chip; no wear, and no wait colour for fingers and toes. With a great choice of gorgeously glossy, colour-perfect shades, Gellux dries instantly cured with either UV in 2 minutes or LED in just 10 seconds for guaranteed smudge-free nails. 

We also stock 2 AM London polish which is the most affordable option retailing at £4.99 +VAT, 2 AM London didn’t just want to create a collection of gel polish colours that looked awesome they made them so you feel empowered when wearing them too. 2 AM London cures for 30 seconds under LED lamps. 2 AM gel polish lasts 2-3 weeks and is 100% gel. 

Cuccio Polish is another affordable brand retailing at £5.99 +VAT for their gel polish and £3.99+VAT for normal varnish. Cuccio was formed nearly 30 years ago and has grown over the years into one of the largest nail companies in the world. Cuccio offers UV/LED Colour – 100% polish free that will not evaporate like other gel polishes, with Amazing durability with a high gloss shine and concentrated pigmentation for true colour coverage in 2 coats, Also available in matching Cuccio Colour professional lacquer. 

We also stock nail prep and removal products. Prepping the nails is important as you must ensure strong adhesion between the natural nail and the gel polish, particularly if nails are prone to excess oil. Having the correct removal products is also important so you can remove all traces of the gel whilst not damaging the natural nail. 

Here at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies, we offer gel polish kits that have everything you need to start offering gel polish as a treatment all at affordable prices. We also have 5 FOR 4 offers across our different gel polishes so you can stock up on your favourite shades.