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If we're not in your phone contacts you won't receive any offers regarding Reward Points.

How can I earn Reward Points?

1) Existing customers - Simply log in to your existing account and add items to your basket as normal and your Reward Points will be calculated automatically.
2) New customers - Create a new account and begin earning Reward Points straight away! add items to your basket as normal and your Reward Points will be calculated automatically.


Can I earn Reward Points alongside other offers?

Yes sure, "Our aim is your gain" and we want to reward your loyalty, therefore you can benefit from basket discounts and also earn points provided the products are not listed in our Exclusions.
*Sunbed Supplies have a maximum basket limit of £250(Ex VAT), anything over this amount will deactivate the points in the basket.

Can I redeem my Reward Points if I forget to log in and check out as a guest?

Yes, no problem! Simply contact us at [email protected] with a brief message containing your #Order Number and we'll calculate your points accordingly and apply them to your account.

Are there any products that I cannot earn Reward points on?

We'd love to give you Reward Points on every item we supply however this isn't possible as some of our deals and products have already been heavily discounted - See our list of exclusions here.

How can I spend my Reward Points?

Find out how the extension works when we come to the basket to spend the points.

Do I earn Reward Points on delivery charges?

Unfortunately not, Reward points are calculated on products only.

How do my Reward Points work?

1) You will earn 2 points for every £1 spent.

2) 1 Reward Point Equals 0.01p to spend.

Rules - You cannot spend your points if your Reward Points total is less than your basket value.

*Points are calculated on the subtotal only and not the order total. If there are discounts applied within the basket summary this will be deducted from the subtotal and your points will then be calculated.

For example:

Subtotal - £21.45
You Earn - 37 Reward Points = (£0.37)
Discount - (website offer) £2.50
Delivery - £4.95
VAT - £4.78
Order Total - £28.68

(Subtotal £21.45) - (Discount £2.50) = £18.95 x 2 = 37.90 = 37 Points (Points are rounded up/down to nearest workings)

Do my Reward Points expire?

Yes, your Reward Points will expire 60 days from the sale date.

How else can I earn Reward Points?

- 5 points for a sign-up online
- 10 points for the sign-ups of his/her referrals online
- Refer 3 friends and receive 15 points when they order
- Give 50 points if the Customer is inactive for more than 60 days
- Write a product review and receive 2 points
- Give 100 points for their Birthday
- Give 15 points for 3 Tweets in a day
- Give 15 points for a Facebook Like
- Give 15 points for a Facebook Share
- Give 50 points when 5 referred friends register on the website
- Use friend invitations and receive 30 points for the first order
- Refer a friend and receive 10 points for their first order