Wholesale Tan Sachets

Here at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies, you can shop our range of Sunbed creams that are all available in sachets. Sachets are great as you can try new brands and different kinds of lotions all at affordable prices. We stock Accelerators, Cooling lotions, Bronzers and tingle creams. Sunbed creams are important because just by using sunbed creams you can get a deeper tan that lasts longer. Sunbeds creams or tanning lotions are specially designed products that enhance and accelerate the tanning process. Tanning without a tanning lotion can cause the skin to dry out. Dry skin reflects UV light, making the whole tanning process less effective. We have a 5 for 4 offer running across our sunbed sachets so make sure to stock up on your favourite sunbed creams today.

Please note not all sunbed supplies are kept in stock we may need to order stock from our warehouse (Please allow 3-5 days for delivery)

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