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Explore a variety of Nail extension supplies at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies. We have everything you need for professional nail services, including acrylics, gel extensions, and nail repair supplies. Choose from top brands like The Edge, Cuccio, IBD, and Salon System, all at fantastic trade prices. Keep your supplies stocked and check out our Nail Offers. Shop now! 

Nail Extensions
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Nail Extension Supplies

You can extend your natural nails by a few different methods. Acrylic, Gel and Silk are the main methods that are widely used by nail technicians. Nail extensions can last anywhere from around 2-4 weeks and this nail treatment is brilliant to offer to your clients as a lot of people crave to have long nails but are not fortunate to have natural healthy nails or even for clients that just want to have beautiful long nails for special occasions, As a nail technician you can change that.

Acrylic nail extensions are the most common type of nail extension that almost everyone knows about! The acrylic nail is made out of a monomer liquid mixed with a polymer powder to form a paste that is glued onto your natural nail and tip. This paste hardens over time and can last a good 3 to 4 weeks.

Gel nail extensions, also called gel overlays, involve the application of a layer of thick transparent gel on your natural nail or nail extensions. These require the usage of LED or UV light exposure to set effectively.

Fibreglass nail extension is also known as silk extensions or silk nail wraps. This nail extension approach does not enjoy the same level of popularity as acrylic and gel nail extensions do. Fibreglass is a synthetic material that is stronger than silk. Either of the material is cut to fit the nail bed or the tip and sealed using resin or glue. The adhesive material sets when an activator is sprayed on it.

Here at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies, we stock a range of different brands so you have always got different options to choose from so you will surely be able to find the right products for yourself and your clients. We stock all products that you might need to create nail extensions Acrylic liquids and powders, Builder and hard gel, Nail tips, Prep and removal items, tools, brushes and accessories. All of the products that we stock are all affordable and we also have got  5 for 4 offers running on most of our nail extension products e.g. acrylic powders, Nail tips.

We also stock nail extension kits if you are a student or are just starting up your business and you are unsure of what you will need. The kits we stock will have everything you need to start up and are all brilliant value for money. The brands we stock are Cuccio, Gellux, Salon System, Acrylux, Izabelle Hammon, The Edge and more. Our delivery times are 1-3 working days from the day you place your order so you will always get your delivery in time for when you are clients are next booked in.