Stick Tip

Deluxe Hair Extensions

Stick Tip hair extensions, also known as I-Tips, stand out as one of the most popular and reliable methods for applying permanent hair extensions. Crafted from high-quality cuticle-correct 100% human remy hair, these extensions can endure up to three months or longer when professionally applied and paired with our recommended aftercare advice. Our range includes a variety of natural colours and shades to suit individual preferences.
The application process involves securing the extensions using micro rings, clamping the beads until firmly attached to the natural hair. Removal is just as straightforward, using the same tool as during application. Ideal for all hair types, Stick Tip hair extensions provide a seamless, natural finish without the need for heat or glue, making this technique one of the industry's safest methods.
For added cushion and grip, many prefer using silicone-lined micro rings. Choose from lengths of 14", 18", 20", and 22", with 0.5 grams suitable for clients with thin hair and 1-gram extensions catering to those seeking thicker volume. Our collection encompasses over 20 natural colour tones.
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