Deluxe Hair Extensions

Hair weft extensions, also referred to as hair weaves are supplied in a single piece measuring approximately 55-60 inches, allowing for customisation according to individual preferences. These wefts boast a double-wefted design, combining two high-quality wefts securely sewn together. This construction not only enhances strength but also ensures durability, making them an ideal choice for those seeking added volume.

Professionals favour these hair weft extensions for their versatility, as they can be applied using various methods such as glueing, weaving, taping, clipping, or through micro ring application. Crafted from 100% remy quality human hair, our extensions have a lifespan of approximately two to three months. With proper care following our recommended aftercare advice, many customers extend the lifespan of their extensions.

Suitable for all hair types, these extensions, when professionally applied, offer a natural look and feel, delivering optimal results. Choose from four lengths ranging from 14 inches to 22 inches, with varying amounts of hair within the wefts, ranging from 120 grams to 135 grams. Our collection includes over 20 natural colours, encompassing browns, blondes, reds, and darker shades.

Transform your hair effortlessly with CM Hair and Beauty Supplies' professional Xtend Wefts!

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