2AM London's Hot Shots Collection!

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Nail Your Summer Look with 2AM London's Hot Shots Collection!

Summer is here, and it's time to revamp your nail game with the hottest shades of the season. 2AM London's Hot Shots collection has arrived, bringing you a sizzling array of colours that will make your nails the ultimate accessory. Whether you're lounging by the pool, hitting the beach, or dancing the night away, these vibrant shades are all you need to add a splash of colour to your summer. Let's dive into the fabulous hues that 2AM London has in store for you!

Sweet Retreat: Candy Pink Perfection

Get ready to slay with 'Sweet Retreat,' the candy pink shade from 2AM London's Hot Shots collection. This delightful colour is the perfect way to add some extra sweetness to your nail game. It's playful, flirty, and just what you need to brighten up your summer look. Pair it with your favourite sundress or a cute bikini, and get ready to turn heads!

Paradise Punch: The Perfect Purple

Make a bold statement with 'Paradise Punch,' the perfect purple hue from 2AM London's Hot Shots collection. This shade is all about standing out and making your nails pop. Whether you're going for a chic look or something more daring, 'Paradise Punch' has got you covered. It's the ultimate colour for those who love to rock the hottest trends in town.


So Tropical: Watermelon Pink Vibes

Nothing says summer quite like a watermelon pink shade, and 'So Tropical' from 2AM London's Hot Shots collection is here to deliver. This vibrant colour will have your nails looking fresh and fruity, just like a slice of watermelon on a hot day. It's the ideal shade for a fun day out or a tropical-themed party. Get your nails summer-ready with this juicy hue!

Island Babe: Pastel Neon Green

Get ready to glow with 'Island Babe,' a mesmerising pastel neon green shade from 2AM London's Hot Shots collection. This unique colour is sure to make your nails the centre of attention. It's bright, bold, and absolutely stunning, making it the perfect addition to your summer nail palette. Embrace the island vibes and let your nails shine with this enchanting shade.

Beach Babe: Bali Blue Bliss

Make a splash with 'Beach Babe,' the mesmerising Bali Blue shade from 2AM London's NEW Hot Shots collection. This cool, refreshing colour is perfect for a day at the beach or a poolside hangout. It's vibrant yet soothing, capturing the essence of a tropical getaway. Get your nails ready for summer with this beautiful blue hue and let the compliments roll in!

Bae Watch: Sizzling Hot Pink

Turn heads with 'Bae Watch,' the sizzling hot pink shade from 2AM London's Hot Shots Nail Gel collection. This bold and beautiful colour is all you need to get your nails on fleek. It's intense, striking, and perfect for making a statement. Whether you're out on a date or hitting the clubs, 'Bae Watch' will ensure your nails are always the star of the show.

With 2AM London's Hot Shots collection, your nails will be summer-ready in no time. These vibrant, eye-catching shades are perfect for any occasion and will add a touch of fun and flair to your look. So, go ahead and treat yourself to these fabulous colours. Your nails deserve the best, and with 2AM London, you'll always be on point. Get ready to slay, glow, and rock the hottest shades of the season at CM Hair And Beauty Supplies!