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Hair Extension After Care Advise

Hair Care

Before an installation is performed with any hair extension method always ensure your hair is washed thoroughly and do not use conditioner of any kind, this ensures all residues including oils and product build up are removed fully. These residues must be removed to prevent slippage and loss after installation, your hair must also be fully dried and free of any styling products as this will also help give the best application.

After installation of your hair, we recommend our own brand Xtend Celebrity Hair products which have been carefully formulated to restore the natural hair and at the same time condition the hair extensions, which results in optimum conditioning for both your natural hair and the 100% Human Hair Extensions. If you fail to use the formulated products you run the risk of contaminating the keratin bonds and causing damage, this will cause the hair to break away and fall out.

We do not recommend the following: Colouring, Tinting or Perming 

Any of the mentioned above could potentially harm or damage the hair. Even though our hair is 100% human Remy hair it doesn't receive the nutrients or natural goodness from the scalp like your own natural hair would. Applying heat to the hair will also reduce the life span of the hair extensions. Always treat the hair extensions in the same way in which you would treat your own hair, regular aftercare and maintenance will keep your hair feeling revitalised and looking healthy for longer.

If Discolouration occurs this only happens when chemicals such as chlorine, dye, bleach etc have contact with the hair, the problem is common for those who go on holiday. Basically, the chemicals create a reaction to the chemical dye, certain aftercare products which are not specialized for hair extensions such as algicides or high content of alcohol / citric acids can also have an effect. We cannot be liable for the use of other shampoos that may contain Oils such as Wheatgerm or citrus as this can also strip the colourant from the hair extensions. Our own haircare range contains the correct formulas to keep the hair nourished and in the best possible care.

You may notice shortly after your hair extensions have been fitted that your scalp will feel tender to the touch, this is normal and no need to panic as the added weight applied to your head is the cause for this. This should ease off after 3-5 days maximum if the problem persists after this period contact your hair extensions.

Do not wash your hair for 2-3 days after you have had your hair extensions fitted as this allows the bonded tips to harden and settle with your normal hair, the longer you can leave it the longer the shelf life of the hair. Try to use a dry shampoo like our Osmo Day 2 styler dry shampoo or our Tigi Bedhead Rockaholic Shampoo for the best results. Try not to wash your hair more than 3 times a week and always detangle your hair with an extension Head Jog brush (see our accessories) this brush contains light smooth bristles that will not cause damage to the extensions, also dry pat your hair - do not rub.

When drying your hair never rub or scrub with a towel this will loosen the bonds and cause slippage of the hair. If possible wrap your hair in a towel or leave it to dry naturally. NEVER apply heat directly to keratin tips this causes bonds to melt and damage and loosens the hair causing slippage. If you have an oily scalp we recommend washing your hair more regularly as a build-up of the hair's natural oils could lead to your keratin bonds slipping or falling out. 

Before you begin to detangle your hair we always advise using an Xtend Celebrity Hair Leave-In Conditioner (See Haircare) to try to support your extensions by firmly holding the bonds in your hand. Any hot appliances are ok to use with our hair extensions but avoid using any heat on the keratin tips as this will result in melting the tip causing damage and issues. Also, avoid products without any formulated solutions as this will damage and shorten the longevity of the hair. We offer a Shake N Protect (See Haircare) to fully protect the extensions but be careful to avoid the bonds/tips as this will cause slippage. Please remember that your hair extensions are fitted and attached to your own hair and any rough movements can cause damage to your own hair!

We do not recommend you wear your hair extensions for longer than 3 months as your roots will have grown and can cause matting and tangling, if looked after correctly and our guidelines are followed the hair should be in a good enough condition to be removed and refitted. This can result in long-term damage to your normal hair.

Our lighter shades are subject to an acid treatment therefore will not last as long as our darker shades. Our darker shades start from numbers #1 - #6 and our lighter shades are from numbers #8 - #613 (plus our vibrant colours and Ombre shades)

Aftercare is just as important as the fitting itself, our advice would be not to cut corners on regular shampoos and conditioners etc as this will not have the results or desired effects that both you and your customers are looking for. These products contain sodium chloride (salt) that will dry out and rot the silicone-based ingredients and damage the keratin bonds,

Your Extensionist should help guide you through the aftercare process and advise accordingly.

It is normal to lose some hair shortly after having extensions fitted and there afterwards the usual amount is 50-100 strands per day - maintenance is advisable 3-4 weeks after you have had your extensions fitted to ensure there are no complications and everything is running smoothly. Your Extensionist will remove or replace any loose or missing bonds. Arrange this with your Extensionist.

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