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Wella Creatine Perm products are expertly designed to transform your hair with ease and precision. The range includes Wella Creatine + Curl for defining bouncy, long-lasting curls, Wella Creatine Straight + for achieving sleek, straight hair with less frizz, and Wella Creatine Wave + for creating soft, natural waves. These solutions work for all hair types, offering a versatile and effective way to style your hair. With Wella Creatine Perm products, you can get the look you want while keeping your hair healthy.

  • Wella Creatine + Straight
  • Wella Creatine + Curl
  • Wella Creatine + Wave

Wella Creatine + Straight

Creatine+ Straight is a line of permanent straightening products crafted with the innovative Creatine+ complex. This new blend of high-conditioning ingredients ensures smoother, shinier hair with reduced frizz. Each hair straightening cream in this range is tailored to specific hair types, addressing the needs of colored or sensitized hair as well as normal, resistant locks. Designed to work seamlessly with Wellaplex, Creatine+ Straight enhances hair quality, delivering superior results for sleek, manageable hair!

Wella Creatine + Straight (Coloured Hair) Straightening cream

The Permanent Hair Straightening Cream for colored hair is specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of dyed or sensitized hair. Enriched with a powerful combination of high-conditioning ingredients, this cream delivers exceptionally smooth and shiny hair with reduced frizz, making it perfect for straightening treatments. Additionally, it is designed to work seamlessly with WELLAPLEX, enhancing hair quality and ensuring superior results. This straightening cream not only provides professional-grade straightening but also maintains and improves the health of colored hair.

Wella Creatine + Straight (Normal to Resistant) Straightening cream

The Permanent Hair Straightening Cream for natural and resistant hair is meticulously crafted to address the distinct requirements of untreated hair. Fortified with a strong blend of conditioning agents, this cream yields remarkably smooth and luminous hair with minimized frizz, ideal for straightening procedures. Furthermore, it perfectly combines with WELLAPLEX, enriching hair quality and guaranteeing exceptional outcomes. This straightening cream not only offers salon-quality straightening but also sustains and enhances the vitality of natural and resistant hair.


How to use Wella Creatine + Straight (N) & (C) for optimal results:

  1. Apply Creatine + Straight Cream evenly on hair, section by section.2
  2. Leave to develop for 5-15 minutes without heat.2
  3. Check softening progress with a strand test.4
  4. Rinse thoroughly once softening is sufficient.5
  5. Mix Wellaplex #1 Bond Maker with water (1:6) and apply for 5 minutes. Rinse.6
  6. Blow-dry hair straight in small sections with a large round brush.7
  7. Use a straightening iron on dry hair, section by section (1-1.5cm).
  8. Neutralize by applying Straight Neutralizer strand by strand for 10 minutes. Rinse.
  9. Apply Wellaplex #2 Bond Stabilizer on damp hair for 10 minutes. Rinse well.

Wella Creatine + Curl

Discover the transformative power of Wella's Creatine Curl perm solutions, designed to create long-lasting curls that exude vitality and bounce. Wella Creatine + Curl range caters to every hair type, ensuring that everyone can achieve their desired curl with ease. Enriched with a complex of high-conditioning ingredients, these solutions not only produce stunning curls but also nourish and strengthen the hair during the texture transformation process. Experience increased elasticity, bounce, and shine with each use. For unmatched hair quality, pair our Creatine+ Curls products with Wellaplex, the no.1 advanced bond builder.

Wella Creatine + Curl (Coloured & Sensitized Hair) Perm Solution

Enhance your hair styling experience with Wella's Creatine + Curl (C)  specifically tailored for colored and sensitized hair. This extra-conditioning Kit offers everything you need for three applications, including a specialized pre-treatment for enhanced hair care. Each kit comprises a 75-ml Curl perm emulsion, a 100-ml Curl neutralizer, and a 30-ml Curl pre-treatment, ensuring convenience and perfect results! With the inclusion of the new Creatine Complex, a blend of high-conditioning agents, this solution not only delivers stunning curls but also nurtures and strengthens your hair. Embrace new services with Wellaplex and unlock the potential of your colored hair with Wella Creatine + Curl!

Wella Creatine + Curl (Natural to Resistant Hair) Perm Solution

Wella Professionals Creatine+ Curl (N) specifically crafted for natural to resistant hair types, this revolutionary product line features a unique blend of conditioning agents to nourish and strengthen hair during perming procedures. Experience enhanced elasticity, bounce, and shine with our advanced Creatine Complex. Infused with a delightful redberry rose perfume, it ensures a more pleasant client experience. Each kit includes Perm Emulsion (75ml), Neutralizer (100ml), and Pre-Treatment (40ml), offering convenience and optimal results. Embrace new hair services with Wellaplex and discover the transformative power of Wella Creatine+ now!

Follow this step by step guide for Wella Creatine + Curl (N) & (C):

1. Start by cleansing hair with Deep-Purifying Shampoo.
2. Wind hair onto rods.
3. Apply Creatine +Curl lotion and let it develop.
4. Test curls at different areas to determine development time.
5. Once curls are satisfactory, rinse with rods in place.
6. Gently remove excess water with a towel.
7. Mix Wellaplex #1 Bond Maker with water (1:6) and apply to roots for 5 minutes.
8. Neutralize by tapping excess water and applying neutralizer on rods for 5 minutes.
9. Remove rods and apply remaining neutralizer on hair for another 5 minutes.
10. Rinse thoroughly.
11. Apply Wellaplex #2 Bond Stabilizer on damp hair for 10 minutes.
12. Rinse hair well.

Wella Creatine + Wave

Introducing Wella's Creatine + Wave, the ultimate solution for effortlessly natural-looking waves. Wella’s range of wavy perm products is meticulously formulated with the Creatine + complex, a potent blend of high-conditioning ingredients that ensures long-lasting waves with unparalleled shine and bounce. Enhance your perm services with this advanced complex, designed to enhance hair quality and maintain its integrity. For superior results, pair Creatine + Wave perm solutions with Wellaplex, wellas supreme bond builder. Experience the difference with Wella Creatine + Wave today!

Wella Creatine + Wave (Natural to Resistant Hair) Perm Solution

Experience the ultimate care and shine with Wella's Permanent Styling Wave Perm Emulsion Creatine + (N). For natural to resistant hair, we have a specially matched product tailored to your needs, packaged in a vibrant pink bottle! This care product is set to become your bathroom's new favorite. Enriched with high-quality ingredients, it provides deep care and enhances hair shine. With increased momentum and smoothness, your hair will appear sleek and shiny. Regular use of this emulsion strengthens and nourishes your hair, infusing it with newfound vitality and suppleness. Each kit includes Perm Emulsion (75ml), Neutralizer (100ml), and Pre-Treatment (40ml), ensuring optimal results for your natural to resistant hair.

Wella Creatine + Wave (Coloured & Sensitized Hair) Perm Solution

Wella Professionals introduces an innovative solution for colored to sensitized hair with their Creatine + Wave range. Formulated with a new combination of high-conditioning ingredients, this product achieves smooth, shiny hair with enhanced bounce and minimized frizz! Experience long-lasting waves that look and feel incredibly natural, thanks to the inclusion of Creatine+ for extra strength. Designed to complement the hair quality-enhancing effects of Wellaplex, this range ensures superior results. Each kit contains Perm Lotion (75ml), Neutraliser (100ml), and Perm Service Care (30ml), offering comprehensive care and stunning results for your colored or sensitized hair. Say hello to beautifully styled hair with Wella Creatine + Wave.

How to use:

1. Shampoo hair with Wella INVIGO Aqua Pure Shampoo and towel dry gently.
2. Wind hair.
3. Apply curling/waving emulsion thoroughly from nape to forehead.
4. Leave on for specified development time (8-12 min with heat, 10-20 min without heat).
5. Test curl to determine final development time.
6. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water for 2-3 minutes, then gently blot dry.
7. Apply neutralizer directly from the bottle or with a sponge (5 mins on rollers + 5 mins after 2nd application without rollers).
8. Rinse hair well.
9. Apply Wella Perm Service Care to damp hair, leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse well.