Wella Color Fresh Range

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Wella Color Fresh Range

Discover Color Fresh, Wella’s range of ammonia-free semi-permanent hair color products designed to keep your clients’ color looking refreshed for longer. The Color Fresh range includes Color Fresh, an easy-to-use liquid that offers a quick color boost; and Color Fresh Mask, a nourishing at-home hair treatment that maintains or transforms your color. Includes vibrant pigments that condition the hair; Color Fresh Create, a versatile palette for creative, customizable shades that are semi-permanent and last up to 20 washes; and Perfection by Color Fresh, a solution for perfecting and maintaining your desired color! Choose from a variety of pure, vibrant shades to achieve stunning, refreshed results with ease.

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  • Wella Color Fresh Create
  • Perfecton By Color Fresh

Wella Color Fresh Masks

Wella Color Fresh masks are perfect as they are temporary hair colours that don't cause any damage to your hair. The Wella Color Fresh masks are so versatile as they can either be used to refresh and maintain your salon colour in between appointments with the more natural shades in the range or if you feel like being bold, fun and creative there are some bright vibrant masks to choose from which can also completely transform your colour. 

Wella Color Fresh Masks Benefits:

  • Free From Silicones
  •  Zero Damage Formula 
  • No Animal Derived Ingredients 
  •  Refreshes, Revives And Tones Hair
  • Transform Your Hair With A Vibrant Pop Of Colour
  •  True To Tone Fading
  •  Visible Results In 10 Minutes 
  •  Conditions & Deeply Nourishes Hair
  •  No Allergy Or Skin Test is Needed
  •  Glossy Finish
  •  Reduces Breakage

What Shades Are There To Choose From?

Wella has created 11 temporary colour masks to choose from. 7 natural shades can be used to refresh your salon colour at home and there are also 4 bold and vibrant colours to choose from which will be a completely visible change to your hair. Results can vary depending on the shade used and the starting base and porosity of your hair.

7 Natural Hair Shades:   

  •  Pearl Blonde ( Designed to maintain platinum and icy blonde colours by removing any brassy tones, leaving a cool and ultra-soft finish )
  •  Lilac Frost ( Contains an anti-yellow formula designed to condition and revive your client's cool blonde colour with a soft, Lavender finish. ) 
  • Golden Gloss ( Perfect to revive light or highlighted blondes to create sophisticated honey, golden tones )
  •  Caramel Glaze ( Enhances your colour with delicious caramel shades, resulting in the ultimate blonde balayage. Perfect for medium blondes or brunettes)
  • Chocolate Touch ( Perfect for brunette lovers. Adds a beautifully rich, chocolate finish to your client's brunette colour.  Keep your colour deeper and richer for longer. )
  •  Rose Blaze ( Subtly metallic with hints of deep glossy rose tones. Apply on medium blonde or pre-lightened hair. The lighter the hair the lighter the rose)
  •  Copper Glow ( The perfect autumnal fiery copper shade with blends of red and golden tones. Perfect for strawberry blondes or for medium brunettes with a fiery finish. All redheads need this shade )

4 Bold Hair Shades: 

  •  Red ( Bold, Fiery and vibrant. Perfect to transform from blonde hair to a bold red or to maintain your existing red colour )
  •  Pink ( Bright and bold which can be applied to pre-lightened or blond hair. Pink can also be used to maintain Wella Color Fresh Create in the shade -Magenta in between salon appointments)
  •  Blue ( Bold denim blue. Apply on pre-lightened hair or maintain existing Wella Color Fresh Create colour New Blue. To get the desired true blue finish you will need a cool, clean base to begin with. If you are more of a warmer shade you will expect to see more of a teal result )
  •  Mint ( Perfect icy cool mint Pastel shade which gives major mermaid vibes. Apply on Pre-lightened blonde hair )

How To Apply The Wella Color Fresh Masks

  •  Wash and dry hair
    Shampoo and towel dry your hair so your hair isn't dripping. No need to use conditioners. 
  •  Wear gloves and use an old towel or old clothes to protect yourself 
    Make sure to use protective gloves to prevent staining to your hands and use an old towel around your shoulders or even old clothes to protect yourself just in case you get hair colour on yourself as the hair colour might stain if it gets on your clothes or skin. 
  •  Apply Color Fresh Mask 
    Apply the colour fresh mask generously through to lengths and ends. Section off the hair to make applying the mask easier and this will also ensure every strand of hair gets covered. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb through the product to make sure all the mask has been distributed evenly.
  •  Leave to develop
  • Leave the mask on to develop for 10 minutes. You can leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes for additional intense glossing.  If your hair is long, tie or clip out of the way while you wait for the mask to develop.
  • Rinse, Dry & Style Hair. Rinse the colour out once the time is up. No need to condition your hair as the mask is already super nourishing, moisturising and creamy which will leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny. Blow-dry your hair and style your hair as you wish. You are good to go! Hair is transformed. 

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Wella Color Fresh

Extremely versatile and gentle, Wella Color Fresh is a conditioning color enhancer ideal for an in-between services refresh, color correction, or introducing clients to a new look. Ammonia-free and enhanced with quick and easy application, this semi-permanent solution boasts an acidic pH formula enriched with a conditioning vitamin complex. Lasting up to 10 washes and offering up to 30% grey coverage, Color Fresh adds depth and tone while providing a versatile shade palette that fits market trends and clients’ needs.

Wella Color Fresh Benefits

  • Enhances color while providing incredible shine
  • Acidic pH formula enriched with a nourishing vitamin complex
  • Lasts through up to 10 shampoos
  • Simple and fast application
  • Covers up to 30% grey hair
  • Adds depth and rich tones
  • Moisturizes and smooths hair
  • Subtle and pleasant fragrance
  • Free of ammonia

What Shades Are There To Choose From?

Wella has created 26 Color Fresh shades:

  • 0/6 (Pearl)
  • 0/89 (Pearl Cendre)
  • 2/0 (Black)
  • 3/07
  • 3/66 (Deep Damson)
  • 4/07
  • 5/07 (Light Brown Natural Brown)
  • 5/55 (Mahogany Intense)
  • 5/56
  • 5/4 (Deep Autumn Chestnut)
  • 6/0 (Dark Blonde)
  • 6/34 (Dark Copper Gold)
  • 6/45 (Rich Burgundy Red)
  • 6/7 (Rich Velvet Blonde)
  • 7/00 (Blonde Intense Natural)
  • 7/3 (Medium Gold Blonde)
  • 7/44 (Red Flame Intense)
  • 7/47 (Medium Blonde Red Brown)
  • 8/0 (Light Blonde)
  • 8/03 (Light Blonde Natural Gold)
  • 8/81 (Lightest Pearl Ash)
  • 9/3
  • 10/36 (Lightest Blonde Gold Violet)
  • 10/39 (Lightest Blonde Gold)
  • 10/81 (Lightest Blonde Pearl Ash)

How To Apply The Wella Color Fresh 

Color Fresh is ready to use with its liquid consistency, perfect for immediate application in your desired shade.

  • Apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair.
  • Distribute the color evenly through the hair, focusing on lengths and ends.
  • Allow to develop for 5 to 20 minutes.
  • After development, emulsify and rinse thoroughly.
  • Style as usual.
  • For gentle coloring effects or refreshing color between treatments, develop for 3 to 10 minutes. For a more intensive color, use added heat and/or extend the development time

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Wella Color Fresh Create

Color Fresh Create by Wella is a versatile, ammonia-free hair color solution offering an expressive semi-permanent color palette. It features 12 specially formulated pure, vibrant shades complemented by 3 unique additives, allowing for limitless creative possibilities through full intermixability. This product excels in delivering beautiful pastelization and nuanced tonal results. These shades fade true to their original tone and can last up to 20 washes, though this longevity can vary based on the specific shade used and the condition of the hair. With Color Fresh Create, hairstylists can explore a wide range of artistic expressions while ensuring gentle and lasting color transformations for clients.

Wella Color Fresh Create Benefits


  • Ammonia-free,
  • Fragrance-free
  • Peroxide-free formula
  • Ideal for full head or partial application
  • Perfect for creative intermixing and pastel coloring
  • Excellent for achieving pure toning
  • True-to-tone fading effect with carefully selected pure tone dyes

What Shades Are There To Choose From?

Wella Color Fresh create offers 12 specially formulated pure, vibrant shades along with 3 unique additives, enabling endless creative possibilities through complete intermixability.

  • Tomorrow Clear
  • Pure Violet
  • Nu-dist Pink
  • Hyper Coral
  • High magenta
  • Next Red
  • Future Yellow
  • Infinite Orange
  • Neverseen Green
  • New Blue
  • Super Petrol
  • Uber Gold
  • Ultra Purple
  • Vintage Blush

Use TOMORROW CLEAR to dilute any COLOR FRESH CREATE shade and achieve beautiful pastel results!

How to use Wella Color Fresh Create

Preparation: Apply directly on naturally light blonde, 100% white, or pre-lightened hair.
Mixing: Pour the desired amount of Color Fresh Create into a bowl.
Application: Apply evenly to clean, dry hair or pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair.
Comb Through: Comb the color from root to tip to ensure an even application.
Development Time: Allow the color to develop for 5-20 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the tone.
Rinse: Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. For optimal color results, do not shampoo the hair after coloring. Avoid direct contact with the scalp area.

Perfecton By Color Fresh

Wella Perfecton is a versatile and innovative conditioning color rinse designed to be left in the hair to boost its color. Ideal for refreshing lengths and ends between full-color services, it can also correct color for blonde or grey-haired clients, offering up to 15% grey coverage. Additionally, it enhances natural color with vibrant, long-lasting hues. Infused with direct dyes and a unique vitamin care complex, Wella Perfecton conditions the hair as it colors, leaving it soft, shiny, and radiant. Free from ammonia and peroxide, its gentle, nourishing formula ensures no damage to the hair. The cleverly designed bottle features a built-in dosing vial for easy, precise mixing, making the application quick and straightforward. Perfecton by Wella is essential for maintaining a salon-fresh look, addressing uneven tones, and reviving faded colors, catering to a variety of hair needs with its vibrant results.

Perfecton By Color Fresh Benefits

  • Creative and user-friendly application.
  • Enhances tone.
  • Gentle, caring formula with acidic pH; free of ammonia and peroxide.
  • Conditions hair while providing an intensive shine boost.
  • Covers up to 15% of grey/white hair.
  • Quick application with no development time required.
  • No visible regrowth.
  • Suitable for use after perming and straightening.
  • Ideal for color correction, pre and post pigmenting.
  • Highly versatile for tonal enhancement, refreshment, and color balance.

What Shades Are There To Choose From?

There are 7 shades in the Wella Perfecton Collection

  • /3 (Gold)
  • /43 (
  • /44 (Intensive Red)
  • /5 (Mahogany)
  • /6 (Violet)
  • /7 (Brunette)
  • /8 (Pearl)

How to use Perfecton By Wella Color Fresh

Preparation: Shampoo your hair and towel dry it.

Mixing the Solution: Fill an applicator bottle with 250ml of warm water.

Add 5-20ml of Perfecton by Color Fresh, based on your desired shade.

Mix the solution thoroughly

Application: Put on suitable gloves.

Carefully apply the mixture to your hair using the applicator.

Massage the solution into your hair evenly.

Finishing: Do not rinse your hair after application.