Osmo Ikon permanent hair colour

OSMO IKON® Permanent Hair Colour is an advanced permanent colouring system.

Osmo Ikon Permanent Hair Colour

This unique formulation contains Chia Oil and Tamanu Seed Extract, low ammonia and Micro-Connective Technology ensuring colour longevity, multi-dimensional shine and optimum hair health whilst guaranteeing consistent, perfect results at every stage of the colouring process.

The Osmo Ikon range includes:

Micro Connective Technology (MCT)

  • Micro-sized OSMO IKON® color molecules are easily absorbed in through the hair cuticle, allowing for much lower ammonia content in the formula
  • MCT molecules are locked into the cortex, providing longer-lasting color clarity, completely white hair coverage, and multi-dimensional shine
  • Hair condition is significantly improved as a result

The Formulation

  • Formulated with Chia Oil andTamanuSeedExtract to nourish and protect the scalp whilst promoting radiant shine
  • The special gel-cream formula allows for easier application, better hold, and quicker migration of the colour into the hair
  • Vitamin E compounds allow better permanence in time and give effective protection during exposure to UV rays

Dual Colour System

  • The unique ability of each tube in the 1-12 series to give either a permanent or semi-permanent colour result
  • Cream Developers 10–40 Vol are used to create permanent results with 5 Vol used for long-lasting semi-permanent result
  • Allows opportunity to colour balance and match the colour of hair roots with mid-lengths and ends
  • Results in seamless, radiant colour with maximum condition
Osmo Ikon permanent Hair ColourOsmo Ikon permanent Hair Colour
Osmo Ikon

Osmo Ikon Features and Benefits

  • 81 Shades with 3 Colour Intensifiers and 4 Colour Correctors across 19 Tonal Families–variety and choice for any creative stylist
  • 100ml Super Tube Size–larger tube size equals greater value for money
  • Mixing Ratio: 1:2, Lightening 2 & 3 Levels 1:1, Metallics: 1:1.5–easy to use, minimises error with excellent results
  • Micro-Connective Technology–ensures the smallest colour particles thoroughly penetrate the cuticle and fasten onto the internal cortical fibres allowing each hair strand to be suffused with permanent hair colour
  • Chia Oil – A great source of Zinc that is crucial to the generation of new hair cells. Helps maintain oil production in the scalp which helps fight against inflammation and dryness and promotes shine
  • Tamanu Seed Extract – Encourages stronger and healthier hair growth
  • Low Ammonia – OSMO IKON®s low ammonia formula and light fragrance create a soothing experience whilst delivering even colour results

19 Tonal Hair Colour Families

  • Naturals: To enhance the natural colour and to cover grey
  • Cool Naturals: To counteract any warmth or unwanted golden tones
  • Natural Warm: To enhance hair warmth or a flawless, natural look
  • Bahia: Luscious chocolate blondes
  • Intense Ash: Sophisticated and smoky shades
  • Special Black: An intense flat blue-black shade
  • Ash: With subtle ash backup tones
  • Natural Ash Golden: Golden version of the classic ash shades
  • Golden: Luxurious golden for maximum warmth
  • Copper: For brown to dark blonde tones for rich copper results
  • Copper Intense: For lighter hair for a fierce copper look
  • Copper Golden: For warmer and softer copper tones
  • Violet: Vibrant violet shades for the more daring
  • Mahogany: Dark, rich tones for the sophisticated look
  • Absolute Red: Radiant red tones
  • Chocolate: Deeper rich tones without too much warmth
  • Super Blondes: The perfect blonde selection from beige to ice
  • Blonde Boost: For added lightness and brightness
osmo ikon shade chartosmo ikon shade chart

Metallic Hair Colours

8 gorgeous, fashion-led metallic toners formulated to deliver incredible depth, radiance and shine without jeopardising the integrity of the hair

Hair Colour Intensifiers and Colour Correctors


Pearl: To promote radiant blondes
Silver: To intensify grey tones or add silvery tones to blondes
Violet: A fashion option to aid in the neutralization of yellow tones. Can also be added to the violet shades to intensify the color results



Yellow – For golden hair to create warmer, more intense tones
Red – To enhance red tones
Blue – To combat warm orange/copper tones in darker hair

osmo ikon bundle dealosmo ikon bundle deal

Cream Hair Developers

Osmo Ikon Cream Developers 1000ml

Shine boosting Cream Developers work in unison with OSMO IKON® hair colour to provide brilliant multi-dimensional colour.

When mixed, the Micro-Connective Technology molecules are absorbed deep into the internal cortical hair fibres, ensuring that each hair strand is suffused with vibrant long-lasting colour.

Available in 5 strengths:

5Vol, 10Vol, 20Vol, 30Vol & 40Vol

  • Smooth and creamy consistency
  • Light and fruity fragrance
  • Delivers perfect results every time
  • Economical 1000ml size
osmo ikon developersosmo ikon developers
osmo ikon developers

Dust-Free Hair Bleach

Osmo Ikon Blue Bleach & Osmo Ikon White Bleach 500g

Available in dust-free formulations ideal for lightening as well as full head bleaching.

  • Easy mixing and simple application
  • Blue and White Dust Free Formulation
  • Smooth Preparation
  • Delivers up to 7 Levels of Lift
    Quick lifting action
osmo ikon bleachosmo ikon bleach

Osmo Ikon Blonde Elevation

Osmo Ikon Premium Violet Bleach 9+ With Bond Builder.

  • Delivers 9+ levels of lift
  • 100% Vegan Friendly, Dust Free Formula
  • With special violet pigments to help neutralize unwanted brassy tones so often associated with the lightening process
  • Delivers super-clean results
  • For use both on and off the scalp
  • Effective detangling action leaves hair soft and hydrated
    Use alone for superior results or combined with OSMO IKON® Freehand Clay Additive for all open-air techniques
osmo ikon blonde elevation 9+ bleachosmo ikon blonde elevation 9+ bleach
Osmo Ikon blonde elevation 9+ bleach

Osmo Ikon Freehand Clay Additive With Kaolin Clay.

Blonde elevation from Osmo Ikon is the perfect solution for all open-air techniques.

  • Formulated with the mineral Kaolin to help enable the hair to remain encapsulated and wet throughout the lifting process
  • Designed to thicken your Violet Lightening Powder formulation for the perfect open-air techniques
  • Prevents the bleach from swelling–no bleed/seepage
  • The product will not dry out or flake as a result
  • No need for foils, meche, or film
  • Enables expert control

Osmo Ikon Hair Colour Additives.

A collection of 4 multi-functional neutralizing solutions suitable for use with all lightening formulas.

  • Blue Additive - Helps neutralize unwanted Orange tones
  • Green Additive - Helps neutralise unwanted Red / Copper tones
  • Red Additive - Helps neutralize unwanted Green tones
  • Violet Additive - Helps neutralize unwanted Yellow tones
osmo ikon colour additivesosmo ikon colour additives
osmo ikon colour additives