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Our Favourite Halloween Nail Art Designs

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Our Favourite Halloween Nail Art Designs

What is Nail Art? 

Nail Art is a fun and creative way of decorating your nails. Nail Art can either be done on fingers or toes and is usually done after a manicure or pedicure. Nail Art can consist of freehand designs, Stencils, Stickers, Glitter, Gems, Rhinestones etc. You can also create designs by using nail tools such as sponges, Dotting tools, Stamping, Nail art brushes and Nail Tape.

Nail Art is fun for every day but also brilliant for the different seasons and holidays especially Halloween. 

Halloween is right around the corner and there are so many spooky Nail Art options to choose from. Here at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies, we have selected a few of our favourites if you are looking for some inspiration.

Easy Nail Art For Beginners

If you are not very artistic or struggle to do nail art there are so many nail art designs that are so easy to do with very few steps so you can still join in on the fun. Before starting the nail art make sure your nails are all prepped, Filed, Buffed and a base coat is used.

CM Hair and Beauty supplies all the nail art supplies you need to create some of these easy nail art designs. 

Frankenstein Stitches

This design is so simple but effective. Paint the tip of your nails with green polish ( Doesn’t matter if it’s not straight as your going to cover the line up with black polish ). Secondly use a thin nail brush and a black polish or a black nail art pen to paint on the ‘stitches. Paint a straight black line across your nail and then vertical stripes. Finish off with a topcoat. 

Instagram @petite Peinture

Bloody Drip Nails 

If you want you can paint your nails a nude colour or a white to really make the blood design stand out or you can just leave your nails your natural colour. First, start by painting just the tip of your nails in a bright red colour. Try to fill in the nails with the red polish as if you’ve got almond or round shape nails ( Kind of like a Semicircle ). Use a dotting tool and the same red polish to mimic red blood droplets flowing down your fingernails. If you haven’t got a dotting tool you could use a thin brush, Toothpick or a cotton bud. There is no right or wrong way, The messier the better! Finish off with a top coat to make sure your nail art stays put. Instagram

@amy.n.bailey @Skye_at_imago

Spider Web 

  1. First of all paint your nails with black polish or whatever colour you wish to use. 
  2. Next, draw a diagonal stripe from one corner of your nail to the other. This should be in the middle of your nail as a guideline because you're going to need 2 more lines! 
  3. Draw 2 more lines like in the 3rd photo where lines are mostly equal in the distance apart.
  4. Now in between a pair of lines, draw a little curve like a "C" just like In the pictures. 
  5. Continue drawing another little "C" curve between the next pair of lines.
  6. And continue yet again with the curves! As you can see, there are now 3 lines but 4 curves connecting them all.
  7. Basically repeat steps 4-6 but this time moving up the nail
  8. Keep adding to your web!
  9. Finally When you're done with your web, just add a top coat to seal in the design.

Instagram @polishpals 


CM Hair And Beauty Favourite Halloween Nail Art Designs

There are so many talented Nail Technicians so we have picked a few of our favourite Halloween nail art designs if you are looking for some inspiration on what next design to create. 

Instagram @erika_nailedit

IT Nails



Instagram @blissnailbeartx

Nightmare Before Christmas Nails



Instagram @nailsbyly

Sally And Jack Skellington Inspired Nails 



Instagram @yasmincalderon_nails

The Nun Inspired Nails



Instagram Kevin_nailtech

Bats And Spiders



Instagram @Kobi.1912

Halloween Bling


Instagram @setsbymirna

Slasher Inspired Nails



Are you feeling inspired by any of these Halloween nails? Make sure to tag us your nail designs on Instagram @cmhairandbeautysupplies or #cmhairandbeautysupplies we cant wait to see them. 
Shop all nail products at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies now. 

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