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Wella Koleston Perfect Me+ Permanent Hair Colour

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What Is Wella Koleston Perfect Me+?

Wella Koleston is a professional range of permanent hair colours. Wella Koleston Perfect Me+ is the new and improved formula that includes Me+ technology and pure balance technology.  Me+ is a hair dye molecule that has replaced  PTD and PPD. Me+ technology allows you to colour your client’s hair confidently as the technology reduces the risk of your clients developing a new allergy to hair colour. Pure balance technology means the results are even, Balanced and pure. The formula creates natural depth and shine and less damage to the hair even if you keep colouring over and over. The new formula is also true to tone from root to tip with up to 100% grey coverage. 


How To Use Wella Koleston Perfect Me+ 

How to use Wella Koleston hair colour? Mix Wella Koleston Perfect Me+ with Wella Welloxon hair developer to achieve outstanding colour results. ​​Wella Koleston hair developers have been specifically formulated to achieve the most accurate colour so you can offer a high-quality service for your clients. Using the range of different volume developers you can confidently help to lift and tone your client’s hair. The developers you can choose from are 4%, 6%, 9% and 12%. The mixing ratio is 1:1 or 1:2 for the special blonde shades. 

How much peroxide do I mix with Wella Koleston Perfect? If you are using the mixing ratio of 1:1 use 60g of Wella Koleston Perfect + 60ml of Welloxon developer. If you are using the mixing ratio of 1:2 use 60g of Wella Koleston Perfect Special Blonde + 120ml of Welloxon developer.


How to Mix Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Colour

Mix one part hair colour of your choice with one part developer of your choice into a tinting bowl and mix all together with a tinting brush.

What developer strength should I choose for a ratio of 1:1

  • Use 12% for 3 levels of lift 
  • Use 9% for 2 levels of lift
  • Use 6% for 1 level of lift or if you are covering grey hair or even if you are working on the same depth hair or going darker
  • Use 4% if you are working on the same depth or going darker, to achieve deeper results on natural hair with no grey/white hair coverage required.

What developer strength should I choose for a ratio of 1:2 ( Special Blondes)?

  • Use 12% Welloxon Perfect for 4-5 levels lift
  • Use 9% Welloxon Perfect for 3 levels of lift


How to Apply Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Colour

Once you have mixed up the correct amount of hair colour with the Wella Weloxon developer in the tinting bowl apply the mixture straight to the client’s hair root to the ends. The development time is 30-40 minutes ( No heat applied ) but if you were to apply heat it will only take 15-25 minutes this applies to the same depth or darker hair. 

Tips for grey coverage:

  • Start the application on the area of hair with the most amount of greys first especially the stubborn grey hairs. As they’re more resistant to colour, they’ll benefit from the extra development time.
  • The new formula is softer and spreads easily so you don’t need to spread the formula off of the roots.
  • Find out if they’re hoping for a soft blend finish or more opaque coverage so their greys still appear. This is key before mixing up your colour, as you must choose the right shade and product. 
  • For those clients who completely want to cover up every inch of their greys, you should choose a permanent colour formula such as Wella Koleston. Wella Koleston gives full complete coverage even on those stubborn strands of hair that don't fade.
  • ​​You can disguise grey hair with highlights, lowlights or balayage.
  • It’s vital to add enough naturalness to your client’s target shade. This is how you ensure the finished looks and appear flawlessly natural. The Koleston Perfect Pure Naturals shades features a variety of warm and cool tones, each shade offering up to 100% coverage of greys


Wella Koleston Perfect Me+ Shades

Wella Koleston has a vibrant colour portfolio. Wella Koleston consists of 6 ranges which are called Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Deep Browns, Vibrant Reds, Special Blondes and Special Mixes.

Pure Naturals are the most natural shades in the whole range of Wella Koleston Perfect. Shades range from glossy, Silky black to radiant blonde. Pure Natural shades provide the perfect grey/white coverage and give reliable results.

Rich Naturals are natural and give an elegant and sophisticated look and include warm and cool accents.

Believe it or not brown isn’t just one shade and is one of the most versatile colours. The brown shades you can have are Light brown, Dark brown, Chocolate brown, Medium brown, Bronde, Red-brown, Ash brown, Balayage, Copper brown, Honey brown and many more to list! The Wella Koleston brown shades give you all the hair inspiration you need as there is so many to choose from.

The red hair spectrum is so much more than just fiery bold crimson reds. The red hair spectrum can offer softer hues of red such as copper, Pumpkin spice and strawberry blonde. Wella Koleston has a perfect palette of Vibrant Red shades. Each shade in the Vibrant Red’s gives you a pure, Balanced colour, Reflective shine and natural depth.  E.g  To go dark red use shades such as 55/46 and 55/65.

The Special Mix range is a range of pure colour shades without any depth. The lighter the base shade in Wella Koleston the less Special Mix is required. You can also intensify strands or sections of hair with Wella Welloxon with a 1:1 ratio. If you want exceptional brilliant colour results apply the Special Mix to pre-lightened hair. Unlimited colour possibilities!

The Special Blondes range in Wella Koleston Perfect includes a unique spectrum of warm and cool blonde shades for high lift and smoothness. For the Special Blonde range, the mixing ratio is 1:2. There are conditioning ingredients in the Wella Koleston Perfect Special Blondes range which means it is the ultimate gentle lightening colour. 


Buy Wella Koleston Perfect Online At CM Hair And Beauty Supplies

Where can you buy Wella Koleston? Buy Wella Koleston Perfect at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies now. CM Hair and Beauty Supplies stock the whole range of Wella Koleston shades including Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Deep Browns, Special Blondes, Special Mixes and Vibrant reds and the matching Wella Welloxon developers. Wella Koleston is always adding new shades to their shade chart and when they do CM Hair and Beauty Supplies are always adding these new shades so you can purchase them. 

How much are the Wella Koleston Perfect Me+? At CM Hair and Beauty Supplies, they are priced at £7.95 per tube plus VAT. Check out our 5 for 4 offers on Wella. 

What deals do CM Hair and Beauty offer? CM Hair and Beauty Supplies do 3 deals if you are looking at purchasing Wella Koleston including a salon intro deal, a Mobile intro deal and a top-up deal. The deals include Wella Koleston Perfect Me+ shades, Developers and Wella Koleston Bleach ( Wella Blondor ). These deals are brilliant especially if you are just starting up in the hairdressing business or even if you are new to Wella Koleston as you can save up to £177.07! The amount that can be saved is if you were to purchase every item separately compared to purchasing the deal. 

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