Wella Professional Blondor Range

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Wella Blondor Range

Blondor by Wella Professionals is a comprehensive range of hair products designed to achieve excellence across the entire blonde spectrum, catering to all blonde looks. Renowned for their reliability and gentleness, Blondor products offer superior lightening solutions for both hair and scalp, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience. Wella Blondor range empowers hair professionals to create an extensive array of blonde shades, from warm, sun-kissed tones to ultra-cool, icy blondes. Additionally, Blondor's original formulations enable quick and efficient highlighting services, making it the go-to choice for achieving stunning blonde transformations with perfection and ease!

Included in the range:

  • Wella Blondor Soft Blonde Lightening Cream 200g
  • Wella Blondor Blonde Seal & Care Shine Conditioner 500ml
  • Wella Blondor Multi Blonde White Lightening Granules 500ml
  • Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Lightening Powder - 7 Lift 30g, 400g & 800g
  • Wella Blondorplex Multi Blonde Lightening Powder - 9 Lift 400g & 800g
  • Wella Blondor - FREELIGHTS 400g
  • Wella Blondor FREELIGHTS Developer 6, 9 & 12 % 1000ml

Wella Blondor Soft Blonde Lightening Cream 200g

Introducing Wella Blondor Soft Blonde Lightening Cream, the premier choice for gentle and controlled blonde results, specifically designed for on-scalp applications. This unique cream formula stands out in the Blondor range, providing reliable lightening with up to 7 levels of lift, suitable for all lightening techniques. Enriched with protective lipids, it coats the hair to help prevent moisture loss, ensuring a healthier, more lustrous finish. The Soft Blonde Lightening Cream offers a dependable and delicate approach to achieving beautiful blonde tones, making it the ideal solution for both hair professionals and clients seeking safe and effective lightening directly on the scalp.

Benefits of Wella Blondor Soft Blonde Cream

  • Provides controlled and reliable lightening with up to 7 levels of lift
  • Suitable for all lightening techniques
  • The only cream product in the Blondor range
  • Enriched with protective lipids to coat the hair and help prevent moisture loss

How To Apply

Apply evenly to unwashed hair.

Development time varies based on hair condition and desired blonde shade.

Check hair every 5–10 minutes during processing.

Maximum total development time is 50 minutes.


Wella Blondor Blonde Seal & Care Shine Conditioner 500ml

Wella Blondor Blonde Seal & Care Shine Conditioner, a groundbreaking post-lightening treatment that elevates the shine and condition of lightened hair. As the first-ever blonde shine conditioner from a hair lightening brand, this essential product is specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of lightened hair. It features a neutralizing pH value that conditions and seals the hair, enhancing its overall health and vibrancy. This conditioner not only restores and nourishes but also imparts a radiant shine, ensuring that blonde hair looks its absolute best after every lightening session. Available in a generous 500ml size, it is the ultimate finishing touch for beautifully luminous blonde hair.

Benefits of Wella Blondor Blonde Seal & Care

  • Nourishes and protects the hair cuticle after Wella Blondor lightening treatments.
  • Seals and smooths the cuticle for enhanced shine and manageability.
  • Provides essential hydration and conditioning to maintain hair health.
  • Helps to restore the hair's natural moisture balance.
  • Leaves hair feeling soft, silky, and rejuvenated.

How To Use

After rinsing out the Wella Professionals Blondor bleach mixture:

Rinse hair with lukewarm water.

Apply clarifying shampoo, lather, and rinse thoroughly.

Apply Wella Professionals Blonde Seal & Care conditioner to damp hair, leave on for 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Wella Blondor Multi Blonde White Lightening Granules 500ml

Wella Blondor White Lightening Granules, the pinnacle of high-performance white bleach designed with innovative non-dusting granules, ensuring safe, easy, and economical usage. Crafted to simplify the lightening process, this advanced formula is easy to apply and boasts a non-drip consistency, providing hairdressers and clients alike with a more pleasant experience. With its unique ability to continue working for longer periods, it's the ideal choice for achieving flawless highlights with ease. Infused with a delightful coconut fragrance, this white-colored formula offers not only exceptional performance but also an indulgent sensory experience. Powered by Tri-Lightening Technology and Anti-Yellow Molecules, it delivers clear and brilliant blonde results while eliminating unwanted yellow tones. Whether applied through foils or directly to the scalp with 6% (20vol) Wella Welloxon Perfect, Blondor White Lightening Graduals offers multi-purpose applications, providing up to 7 levels of shade lift without compromising on quality or vibrancy. 

Benefits of Blondor White Lightening Granules

Versatile: Achieve various clear blonde shades.

Easy-to-use: Mixes effortlessly with a pleasant coconut scent.

Flexible: Suitable for both on and off the scalp.

Powerful: Lifts hair up to 7 levels.

Not for white hair coverage: Designed for precise lightening.

Gentle: Minimizes hair damage.

Consistent: Reliable results every time.

Cost-effective: Efficient solution for salons.

How to Use

Choose the appropriate mixing ratio: 1.9%, 4%, 6%, 9%, or 12%.

For on-scalp application, select a mixture of 6% or below to ensure safety and comfort.

Do not exceed a total development time of 50 minutes to prevent over-processing.

Follow manufacturer's guidelines for accurate mixing and application.


Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Lightening Powder - 7 Lift 30g, 400g & 800g

Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder is comes in both 400g and 800g sizes and also 30g sachets, the go-to choice for hair professionals seeking controlled and reliable lightening with up to 7 levels of lift. Powered by two types of persulfates, this innovative lightening powder initiates and completes the lightening process efficiently, ensuring stunning results every time. Its fast and simple-to-mix formula creates a creamy consistency, facilitating professional application with ease. A favorite among hairdressers and a best-seller within the Blondor range, it is suitable for all lightening techniques and perfect for achieving flawless results, even on pre-colored hair. With the added benefit of anti-yellow molecules, it helps reduce orange and yellow undertones during the lightening process, guaranteeing clear and brilliant blonde results. Upgrade your lightening game today with Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder, the ultimate solution for achieving beautiful blonde transformations!

Benefits Of Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Lightening Powder

Versatile: Suitable for all bleaching techniques on a variety of blonde shades.

Powerful: Provides up to seven levels of lift, ensuring customizable and dramatic results.

Tri-Lightening Complex: Formulated with a specialized complex that reduces unwanted yellow and orange tones during the lightening process, promoting clear and vibrant blonde hues.

Consistent: Delivers reliable and consistent results with every use.

Professional: Trusted by hairdressers worldwide, it is a staple product in salon settings.

Gentle: Formulated to minimize damage to the hair while effectively lightening.

Creamy Consistency: Easy-to-mix formula ensures smooth application and even coverage.

Best-Seller: A popular choice within the Blondor range, preferred by both professionals and clients alike.

How to use

Mix Blondor Multi Blonde Powder with Welloxon Perfect 6%, 9%, or 12%, or Welloxon Perfect Pastel in a ratio of 1 part powder to 1.5 to 2 parts developer in a non-metallic bowl.

If applying to the scalp, use Welloxon Perfect 6% developer at most.

Apply the mixture evenly to unwashed hair sections.

Development time varies based on hair condition and desired blonde shade. Check hair every 5–10 minutes during the process. Maximum development time is 50 minutes.

For first-time application, apply to mid-lengths and ends in the first step, and then to the root area in the second step.


Wella Blondorplex Multi Blonde Lightening Powder - 9 Lift 400g & 800g

Introducing the groundbreaking Wella BlondorPlex Multi Blonde 9 Lift, a revolutionary addition to the blonding world. For the first time, Wella combines its renowned lightening powder with Bond Builder Technology, setting a new standard in blonding services. BlondorPlex offers effortless preparation and remarkable results, boasting up to 97% less breakage* without compromising on lift. With the same lifting performance as its predecessor, Blondor Multi Blonde, this innovative formula constructs bonds within the hair, ensuring superior strength and resilience. Achieve up to 9 levels of lift while safeguarding the integrity of the hair with BlondorPlex Technology. When using Wellaplex N°2 with Blondorplex, versus Blondorplex alone.

Available in 400g & 800g,

Benefits Of Wella BlondorPlex Multi Blonde Powder

  • Provides up to 97% less breakage with no compromise on lift.
  • Gives controlled and reliable lightening up to 9 levels of lift.
  • Perfect lightening, even on precolored hair.
  • Neutralizes orange/yellow undertone during lightening.
  • Multi-use, suitable for all lightening techniques and for on- and off-scalp applications.
  • Leaves blonde hair color with no yellow undertone.
  • Dust-free application for a clean and convenient process.




  • Anti-Yellow Molecules: Helps reduce orange/yellow undertones during lightening.

  • Bond Builder Technology: Reduces damage while lightening or dyeing.

How to use

Mix Blondor Multi Blonde Powder with Koleston Perfect in a ratio of 1:1.5 up to 1:2 in a non-metallic bowl.

For on-scalp application, mix with 20vol (6%) developer or below.

Apply the bleaching mixture evenly to unwashed hair.

Leave on for a maximum of 50 minutes, depending on desired results and hair condition.

Check hair every 5–10 minutes during the process for desired lightness.

Discontinue if any adverse reactions occur (e.g., itching, burning, rash).

After treatment, rinse out the bleaching mixture thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Apply WellaPlex No2 Bond Stabilizer (30g on BlondorPlex powder requires 12g of WellaPlex No2 Bond Stabilizer) from roots to ends and leave for 10 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly, shampoo, and apply Blondor Blonde Seal & Care conditioner for shine and care.

For professional use only as part of the salon-exclusive Wella brand.


Wella Blondor - FREELIGHTS 400g

Unleash your creativity with Wella Blondor Freelights, offering a new level of precision and accuracy for freehand lightening techniques. The Blondor Freelights range features the Freelights White Lightening Powder, which boasts a creamy consistency and flexible mixture for easy spreading. The adhesive mass ensures the product stays in place, allowing you to place color exactly where you want it. Perfect for lightening both natural and pre-colored hair, Blondor Freelights can achieve up to 7 levels of lift. Experience the ultimate in couture color services with Wella Blondor Freelights, and take your freehand lightening techniques to new heights!

Available only in 400g

Wella Blondor Freelights Benefits

  • Ideal for freehand lightening techniques
  • Easy to use
  • Achieves up to 7 levels of lift
  • Contains Actifuse® Technology
  • Suitable for natural and pre-colored hair
  • Ensures precise color placement with adhesive mass
  • Creamy consistency for smooth application and spreading

How to Apply

Apply on dry hair.

Start applying in a sweeping motion.

Apply product only on the strand surface area; do not saturate the strand.

Development time varies based on hair condition and desired lightening level, with a maximum total development time of 50 minutes.

Check hair every 5–10 minutes during the process.

If any adverse reaction occurs (e.g., itching, burning, rash), stop immediately and rinse with lukewarm water.


Wella Blondor FREELIGHTS Developers 6, 9, 12%

Wella Blondor Freelights Developers in 6%, 9%, and 12% strengths are specifically designed to be used with Blondor Freelights powder for optimal results. Ideal for freehand highlighting techniques such as ombre and balayage, these developers enable up to 7 levels of lift. When mixed with Blondor Freelights powder, the actifuse network is activated, creating a creamy formula that spreads easily and reduces swelling, ensuring the product stays precisely where you apply it. This combination provides seamless blending and precise application for stunning, natural-looking highlights. Please note that Freelights Powder is sold separately!

Wella Blondor Freelight Developers Benefits:

  • Creamy consistency for smooth and even application.
  • Flexible mixture for easy spreading.
  • Adhesive clay mass that stays in place.
  • Enables accurate and simple application.
  • Lightens without excessive hair damage.
  • Ideal for balayage technique due to its unique composition.
  • Dries immediately after application, can be used without foil.
  • Utilizes hydrogen peroxide and acrylic polymers for effective lightening.

How to use

Mix Blondor Freelights White Lightening Powder with Freelights Developer (6%, 9%, or 12%) in a ratio of 1:1 to 1:3 (recommended ratio 1:1.5) in a non-metallic bowl.

Use a lower developer percentage for finer lightening results.

Apply the mixture to the hair, checking progress regularly.

Development time varies based on hair condition and desired lightness, with a maximum of 50 minutes.

For professional salon use only, intended to be mixed with Blondor Freelights powder.

Contains hydrogen peroxide: avoid contact with eyes and use suitable gloves.