Put a Spring into Your Skincare Offering

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Put a Spring into Your Skincare Offering

It’s time to change your skincare routine yet again as spring is finally here! No more dry itchy skin from the months of harsh cold weather. We are more than ready for sunny spring but our skin might need a little time to adapt due to changes in the temperature, Humidity and more sun exposure than normal.

Making sure to choose the right products for your skin type is key, especially during the spring months you might notice your skin changing to oily rather than dry. Changing your skincare products to match the different seasons is important as using the wrong products for your skin can be very ineffective and a waste of product and money. 


Incorporating SPF into your skincare routine is so important especially to protect your skin from UV rays that cause wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and uneven pigmentation. SPF moisturiser products, when applied regularly, have been proven to help prevent these visible signs of ageing.


Switching to a lighter moisturiser as the temperature and humidity increase will feel a lot better on the skin rather than heavy-based creams. Heavier creams in the winter are needed to protect the skin and will keep your skin hydrated and will stop your skin from going really stiff, dry and flaky. It's still important to keep your skin moisturised as the harsh sun rays, especially in the summer months can dry your skin out. Swapping to a lighter moisturiser is also important as a heavy cream can feel oily and greasy on the skin as the temperature increases.


Are you missing out on the exfoliation process? If you are missing out your skin might not be as healthy and glowy as it could be. The summer heat and sun quickly damage delicate skin. But exfoliating regularly will ensure that your skin remains healthy and strong. Try to limit exfoliating your face to once a week as over-exfoliating could make your skin become dry, damaged and irritated. 

Kaeso products at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies are brilliant as Kaeso is a natural and professional brand, consisting primarily of vegan products that leave every skin type smooth, fresh and enriched. Kaeso has different ranges to suit every skin type. 

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