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Wella Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze

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What Is Shinefinity? 

Wella Shinefinity is a long-lasting demi colour glaze with zero lift and damage, staying true-to-tone even on porous hair. Shinefinity features balanced pH technology which smoothens the cuticles for a healthy-looking shine and feel. Shinefinity gives an ultra-natural blend for the first signs of greys and lasts up to 6 weeks. 

Benefits to Shinefinity:

  • Zero Lift
  • Zero Damage
  • No Drip Gel Cream
  • True To Tone 
  • Reliable Colour Results
  • Balanced pH Technology
  • Zero Ammonia
  • Zero Silicones
  • Zero Drying Agents

Balanced pH Technology

Balanced pH technology regulates the colour pH level to a controlled range throughout the colouring process. Shinefinity with pH technology has been carefully formulated to maintain an optimal acidic level of no less than 6.5. When the pH of the colour is lower it can lead to unpredictable results, especially on porous hair. Shinefinity starts mildly alkaline so that the cuticles can swell and open slightly and the colour molecules can enter the hair shaft for optimal colour formulation. 

Mixing Guidelines

The mixing ratio is 1:1 and there are two activators to choose from. Brush & Bowl Activator is for precision or Bottle Activator for speed. Apply to pre-shampooed hair or dry hair and leave to develop for up to 20 mins. When the colour is fully developed add some water to emulsify the colour to avoid any skin staining. Shampoo the hair and no post colour treatment is needed. Use the conditioner if the hair requires it. 

With Shinefinity you can adapt your results depending on how you work with the product. You can expect softer results on pre-shampooed and shorter development times, without a comprise to the colour result. Using heat gives more intense results which are great when you want to intensify your reds or blend away the first signs of grey.

Shinefinity Colour Palette 

The natural tones

The cool tones

The warm tones

Booster Tones

How do I use the booster tones?  There are 3 booster tones in the range and are ideal to expand the usage of the Shinefinity portfolio. The booster tones are carefully formulated to suit the translucent character of the shades. 

3 Booster shades: 

  • 00/-00 Crystal Glaze
  • 00/89 Blue Booster
  • 00/66 Violet Booster

The 00/00 clear has many usages such as you can dilute any shade in the Shinefinity range. You can use it on its own as a clear glaze or you can pastelise the booster tones. 

Shinefinity Services

  • Shinefinity Glaze
  • Speed Glaze
  • Corrective Glaze
  • Balancing Glaze
  • Shimmer Melt Glaze

Shinefinity glaze is used after blonding services, standalone or on natural hair. Apply to towel-dried or dry hair.

Speed glaze is ideal in-between colour appointments and to adjust or enhance blonde hair. Apply to towel-dried hair. 

The corrective glaze is for natural correction services. Balance moderate unevenness or darken without pre-filling. Apply to dry hair and this will allow maximum saturation. 

Balancing glaze is to be used to perfectly compliment when balancing lengths and ends whilst using Kolesten Perfect or Illumina on the root. Apply your root colour as usual and leave to develop for 10 minutes and apply shinefinity target shade to the lengths and ends. 

Shimmer melt glaze is a perfect service to achieve modern, painted hair looks. It creates a gradient and dimensional melting effect with a seamless blend. Firstly hand paint the lightened areas to the desired level and rinse and remove. Apply the deeper mixture to the roots making sure to blend it over the lightened areas. Blend this into your lighter shade using a large-tooth comb to blend the shades together. 

Glossing Vs Glazing 

Glossing is a temporary fast shine service. Glazing will penetrate slightly further and give a demi-permanent result with zero lift and zero damage. 


  • Gentle and quick shine boost
  • Soft tonal change 
  • Can give a minimum lift on finer hair types
  • 5/10 minutes
  • Use Koleston Perfect using a ratio of 1:1 with Welloxon 1.9%


  • Zero lift
  • Zero damage
  • Long-lasting shimmering results
  • Depth and tone with highs and lows.
  • Use Shinefinity using a ratio of 1:1 with the shinefinity with brush & bowl activator
  • 10/20 minutes  

Blonde Toning: 

  • Create beautiful balanced blonde results to enhance or correct unwanted tones
  • Depth and tone blend natural for a balanced result
  • It gives a soft lift to natural hair
  • Use Illumina with a ratio of 1:1  with Welloxon 1.9%
  • 10/15 minutes

Transformation Toning:

  • Gentle and ammonia-free for transformational results
  • May shift natural hair especially finer textures
  • Use Color Touch using a ratio of 1:2 using Color touch 1.9% 
  • 20 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I mix Shinefinity with Color Touch developer? 

No, you can’t use any other developer as it will not contain the balanced pH technology and will significantly compromise the colour results. True-to-tone results with zero lift using the shinefinity activator compared to using the incorrect developer there will be unpredictable results with off-tones. 

  • Are the tones the same as in Color Touch and Koleston Perfect? 

The translucent finish and the zero-lift will create a slightly different tonal character.

  • What is the difference between Shinefinity glaze and Koleston Perfect pure glossing?

Glossing is a temporary fast shine service. Glazing will penetrate slightly deeper and give demi-permanent results.

Shinefinity glaze is a zero lift damage service making it ideal when you want to preserve the natural hair and the highs and lows. 

Pure glossing is perfect for a quick shine boost, as an add on to any service when minimal tonal change is needed.

  • Can I use Shinefinity for grey hair? 

Yes, it can be used for subtle grey blending on the first signs of grey. The result is natural and reflective. For best results, use on max 30% grey hair. It will not create any coverage. 

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