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Latest Information - 9/6/22 11:25pm 

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2AM London Limited Spring Edition - Stay Woke

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It's time to take action introducing 2AM London’s spring 2022 collection of gel polishes called Stay Woke. Introducing six new shades that will have you vibin' all Spring. Kindness and self-awareness will look good on you. 

Six New Shades: 

About 2AM London 

2AM London live and breathe nails and they like to empower strong independent queens who know what they want and want to look good. 2AM didn’t just want to create gel polishes that looked awesome they wanted to create gel polishes that make you feel empowered when wearing them too. 2AM gel polishes have very sassy edgy names which reflect all different kinds of moods. Whoever you are, worship it and pick a gel polish colour from any of the 2AM collections to match.

Why Choose 2AM London Gel Polishes?

2AM London are a really good brand to choose from as their gel polishes are 100% vegan and free from any type of nasty chemicals.. 2AM London have 8 core collections and will always bring out seasonal collections throughout the year for a limited period of time so they are always keeping it fresh and current. 2AM gel polishes last 2-3 weeks, Chip free and is 100% gel. 2AM London have designed a Colour swatch on top of their bottles so what you see is what you get! 100% colour match.

How To Use 2AM London Gel Polishes? 

2AM London gel polishes are designed to be used with their base and topcoat so it is a simple 3 step system. Basecoat, Colour and topcoat. Gel polishes should be cured for at least 30 seconds under LED lamps. 2AM gel polishes are designed to give full coverage with only two coats. 

  • File and buff your client’s nails to their desired shape and length. 
  • Prep your client’s nails if you need to (Cut cuticles, Remove any oils and dust from the nails using a gel wipe off solution, Apply dehydrator etc)
  • Apply your choice of a 2AM basecoat (Easy removal or for oily nails)
  • Cure the basecoat for 30 seconds with a LED lamp
  • Apply your choice of 2AM gel polish and cure for 30 seconds
  • Apply a second layer of the colour and cure for another 30 seconds
  • Apply your choice of a 2AM topcoat (Matte or glossy)
  • Cure the topcoat for 30 seconds
  • The 2AM topcoats are no wipe topcoats so the nails are instantly shiny
  • If there is still a sticky residue use the same gel wipe off the solution in step 2

Buy now at CM Hair and Beauty Supplies and check out our 5 for 4 offers on 2 AM London polishes including the all-new limited edition spring collection Stay Woke.

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